What People Say About CATT

CATT Venezia Poster

"A total art immersion experience"

CATT Venezia 2019 became a total art immersion experience for me. Every day used to start with a morning walk along the medieval streets and canals of this enchanting city; continued with a 6-hour intensive training by true professionals and unsurpassed masters in their field Michael Devine, Andrea Lattari and Cinzia Grande. Along with vigorous body training and other non-verbal means of theatrical representation we were exposed to the fundamentals of Greek tragedy and Commedia dell’arte. During breaks and in the evenings we had an invaluable opportunity to visit Art and Theatre Biennale that has been happening right there, in the same quarter where the workshop was taking place. Perfect location, perfect timing, perfect training!

-Zoya Surits, Venice 2019

"Some of the most inspiring surroundings"

CATT has been a saviour since year 2018 in my belief in myself and in the art in general. I first joined in Amsterdam in the summer of 2018 on a complete whim, as somehow magically the course was fitting perfectly into my one week off. CATT’s summer intensives are always eye-opening experiences for everyone involved. You learn so much about yourself, the art and its different forms (in year 2018 we focused a lot on Forum Theatre, this year in Venice was Comedy focused), you meet wonderful and like-minded people and are trained by some of the most intuitive and talented people in the industry. The CATT’s workshops are a wonderful way to expand and even start your acting career, not to mention the fact that you’re always in some of the most inspiring surroundings (Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Dublin)! It keeps you coming back for more each year

– Aleksandra G., Amsterdam 2018, Venice 2019

"CATT took me by surprise"

CATT took me by surprise. I knew Michael Devine beforehand and had every confidence that he would clear the way for my growth as a performer. What surprised me was how easily and intensely this evolution took place. With six hours of activities a day and a lot of hard work, I didn’t notice how much I drew from earlier games, etudes, or exercises to help with the task at hand. Because of how neatly each specially chosen exercise fit with the next one, I wasn’t aware of time passing: a significant indicator for seamless teaching. With exercises focusing on anticipation of change, musicality, and synchronicity, as well as freedom of movement, expression of body, and story telling, I feel ready (once I finish my studies) to meet the standards of the performance industry no matter which discipline I choose to specialize in. Each exercise seeps into the next with the ulterior objective of incorporating its lessons into your predispositions. This bypasses the analytical mind and if you’re anything like me you’ll forget how you were when you came to CATT and you’ll leave with a feeling of having been carried skillfully down the stream of progress without being aware of how you arrived where you are.

– Rachel Leibovitz, Rome 2016

"Welcomed with open arms"

I attended CATT at the 2015 workshop in Athens and absolutely loved it! It was my first acting workshop I’d ever attended and I was immediately welcomed with open arms. Michael and Caroline were wonderful instructors. We focused on character development and non-verbals. When we weren’t in class, we were out exploring the city, eating great food and seeing historical sites. I began the workshop knowing only 1 person and left with friends I will never forget. I absolutely recommend attending the CATT workshop!

-Jessica Hoyle, Athens 2015

CATT 2015 Poster

"I would return anytime"

I first attended CATT Rome in 2013. It was a fantastic experience of intensive theatre training by day and exploring Rome as a living museum by night. The rich commedia dell’arte training by Italian practitioners paired with BoxWhatBox training gave me valuable skills and insights to take into future acting endeavours. After a great time in Rome, I couldn’t help but return to CATT in Athens in 2015. Again, set in a fascinating historically rich city, I enjoyed another week of intensive training in BoxWhatBox as well as exploration in devising theatre. I found myself soaking up every bit of the experience and finding practical applications of the skills and techniques in my life at home. Both workshops were valuable for me as an emerging artist, but I would return anytime, at any experience level or stage in my career. With new venues and instructors each year, the experience will be different each time!

-Charissa Sanche, Rome 2013, Athens 2015

"An atmosphere of trust"

Working with the physical, mental, and spiritual, CATT forced me to go beyond my capabilities as an actor. Dr. Michael Devine created an atmosphere of trust where participants were able to overcome fears, and challenge their imaginative capacities whilst doing culturally relevant work inspired by the city. Commedia Dell’arte was instructed flawlessly by the amazing Andrea and Cinzia, and all this surrounded by the beauty and history of Rome created an unforgettable experience. I would recommend CATT to all actors, directors and writers.

-Tesia Brown, Rome 2013


"Shaped me as an actor"

Simply put, it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. In 2014, CATT was in Italy. More importantly than that, CATT shaped me as an actor.  As someone of previously little confidence, it pushed me beyond my own comfort zone. The space and teachers were where I could explore and learn what I’m capable of, without holding back. I watched our small group of people around me from different theatre experience and from other parts of the world do the same. I was able to say for the first time, truly and unapologetically, that I was an actor. I learned things that will always be applicable to the life one creates on stage. Theatre is a forever growing knowledge and you can always learn from what others have to give. At the end of the intensive week, I was exhausted, thrilled, energized and ready to take in more. A practiced actor or not, you will come away from CATT with infinitely more than you arrived with.

-Morgan Christie, Rome 2013

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