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CATT Intensives


CATT Intensives are the annual, week-long performance training modules sponsored by CATT. Each CATT Intensive takes place in a city with a rich cultural history, and at least one event during the week highlights that history and connects the participants with it, so that performers acquire a sense of their role in a long continuum of rich theatrical performance history.


 CATT Intensives



CATT Projects

CATT Projects is the performance creation arm of CATT. CATT Projects sends Michael and/or CATT Associates to different parts of the world to collaborate on artistic projects which might not have the resources to fully fund international artists. CATT Projects focuses on projects of social relevance that are alternative and intercultural in nature. Performances are always in the language of the home culture.



CATT Projects prioritises project proposals from its associates, but also welcomes project proposals from outside individuals or groups. Outside groups commit to providing at least 50% of the resources required to sponsor the CATT Associate in the form of remuneration, accommodation or travel costs.


Catt projects

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KONTAKT, FLIPT Festival, Fara in Sabina, Italy



  Odisseo/Odissea, FLIPT Festival, Fara in Sabina, Italy

Michael Devine

Michael Devine is a Canadian theatre artist who has worked as a director, playwright, dramaturg, actor and essayist in approximately 20 countries and as an invited guest artist at eight international theatre festivals. He has conservatory training (LAMDA, HB Studio) as an actor and a PhD in Drama from the University of Toronto. Michael has worked internationally as a director for more than twenty years.