CATT Argos 2020 (Postponed)

* ~ Postponement Notice ~ *

Due to the delay in opening airspace and national borders because of the Covid-19 pandemic, CATT has decided to postpone this year’s intensive. We have been invited back to Argos, Greece, to  host our CATT friends and family in the summer of 2021. We pledge to make it the best CATT ever. For more information and updates, please contact Michael at


Euro 300/USD 350/CAD 450


CATT Argos 2020
19-25 July
36 hours of instruction
Ancient Site Tour
Final Dinner

CATT Argos Instructors, Session Descriptions, Schedule


Kapodistrias Barracks, 212 00 Argos, Greece

Check out CATT’s venue, the historical Kapodistrias Barracks to learn more!

CATT wishes to thank the Municipality of Argos for their generous use of the Kapodistrias Barracks historic space!



Mary Fay Coady

Michael Devine

  • Workshop

    Kapodistrias Barracks, 212 00 Argos, Greece

  • Date

    19-25 July 2020 (Postponed)

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